The Earthcomber Mission

In cycle trips across the country, or even around town, I try to take the road less-traveled. Nice plan. Trouble is, there are always more forks, more side trips, more curiosities unexplored.

I'm reminded of this whenever I catch a glimpse of a gothic farmhouse, or see a cluster of signs promising great shopping at stores that are just beyond view. What are we passing by every day? Events happening, adventures awaiting, little treasures and treats? Just how many of our personal passions do we miss without ever knowing how close they were? Where's an ATM when you need one, anyway?

This is why Earthcomber came to be: to extend our mind's eye miles farther in all directions, all the time. And, to do it in such a way that this medium called "mobile" is more useful for everybody involved.

Earthcomber will help you find special interests over the hill or just down the block. Earthcomber also helps you find all the basic stuff—the cash machines, coffee shops, WiFi hotspots, hotels, post offices, restaurants—so that you can take care of your necessities in a snap and have time for more pursuits.

Earthcomber is built on the principle that technology should work for you. Tell Earthcomber what you like to see, eat, do...and it will look for all of those things as you move about. At the same time, if you run a business or service of any kind, Earthcomber introduces a whole new dimension of advertising. Now—regardless of obscure location or minimal marketing budget—it's possible to get the notice of everybody in range who is looking for what you have.

Earthcomber is about finding personal passion, about sharing discoveries or mapping mutual worlds of interest in community. Earthcomber is about commerce at its richest: Mutual value for buyer and seller.

As John Lennon sung so famously, Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.

So, forget about plans, and think about lists. Choose what you want out of life—everyday stuff, and someday stuff. Then turn Earthcomber on, take off, and see life happen.

Happy Earthcombing!

Jim Brady Earthcomber Founder and President