Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Product

  1. What exactly is Earthcomber — Software? Service?
  2. Both. Earthcomber provides free software, maps, and info, and also sells some name-brand mobile guides. The service can be accessed through, for getting map and info updates, as well as discovering interest groups and tweaking personal favorites to search for. You can also download maps and info directly to handheld devices using the Earthcomber mobile software itself. The service is free.
  3. What exactly can you do with it?
  4. Use Earthcomber for maps, navigation and traveling directions, for starters. But the real fun and value is using Earthcomber to be your constant lookout for whatever your favorites or needs are. Also, you can use Earthcomber to mark and map places you've been, and to share online with others who might like the same thing. If you have a business, it's very easy to use Earthcomber as a form of direct advertising — you name your specialties, and people looking for what you have will see you pop up when you're within their personal range.
  5. Where does your information come from?
  6. Many sources: User-created spots, commercial enterprises, national franchises, businesses and organizations, the US Geological Survey, the Census Bureau, the National Register of Historic Places, and individual volunteers.
  7. How much does it cost?
  8. Earthcomber is free. Some "Spot Guides" — mobile guides from name-brand publishers — cost anywhere from $6.95 to $19.85, depending on the title. There is no monthly service charge. However, some phone companies will charge for data you might download — so check your service plan to find out.
  9. Where can people get it?
  10. Start at . Spot guides may also be purchased at various software sites on the web, as well as through publishers.
  11. Can I get it from a mobile connection?
  12. You really need a PC to set up Earthcomber on your handheld. However, once you do, you can get maps and info directly through your handheld.
  13. What hardware does Earthcomber run on?
  14. Currently, Earthcomber works on most relatively recent Palm or Windows Mobile-powered PDAs, cell phones, and certain hybrid devices — see the Equipment page for details.
  15. Will it work on any cell phone?
  16. Later this year, Earthcomber for Java-capable phones and Blackberry will be available.
  17. Does Earthcomber work outside the U.S.?
  18. Earthcomber currently provides maps only for the United States. More countries are in the pipeline.

The Company

  1. How long has Earthcomber been around?
  2. Earthcomber LLC was founded in 2002.
  3. Who owns Earthcomber?
  4. Earthcomber is a privately held company owned by individual investors.
  5. Where are you located?
  6. Earthcomber's main office is just outside Chicago. The address is:
    7777 Lake St.
    Suite #107
    River Forest, IL 60305
  7. Do you accept investors?
  8. Investor inquiries should be sent to CEO James Brady at the above address, or by email:


  1. What's your privacy policy?
  2. Earthcomber is intended to provide the maximum privacy for its users so they can enjoy the maximum confidence using Earthcomber.
  3. Do you share user information?
  4. No. Due to recent disclosures in the press concerning governmental activities, Earthcomber is pledged to eliminate from its records identifying information except where it is required — such as an online purchase, when credit card and personal information is needed to complete the transaction. Earthcomber will resist government attempts to obtain individuals' personal information. In cases in which Earthcomber must report usage of advertiser listings in order to be credited and paid, activity will be reported anonymously. Earthcomber, however, can not interfere with or be expected to be responsible for communications and information any user voluntarily conducts or offers a business or individual they contact through Earthcomber.
  5. Does a business on Earthcomber know if a user is nearby or has viewed information about the business?
  6. No, the Earthcomber system only provides the user with information about what's around them — not the other way around.
    Some advertisers pay based on usage, and Earthcomber keeps those statistics for reporting. To protect user privacy, Earthcomber collects individual statistics and then "aggregates" or combines the data. Statistical reporting is not associated with anyone's Earthcomber ID, email address, or any other personal information. Earthcomber itself uses statistics to understand what people want, where and when. The aim is to help people find more of what they want, and to help businesses know how to best serve their customers.
  7. Can anybody put anything on Earthcomber?
  8. Almost. People are invited to post locations of shared interest, or points along their individual journeys, or community locations, local trivia, places of resources or spots for gatherings, etc. However, clearly fraudulent or criminal activity or information is not allowed, and users may be banned for posting it. We reserve the right to remove such postings, and Earthcomber users are encouraged to report any postings they suspect to be incorrect, fraudulent, or criminal. Earthcomber is not responsible for editorial content of any material not expressly created and disseminated by Earthcomber.